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Disclaimer for Family Violence Prevention in Aboriginal Communities, the Healing Journey website
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The Healing Journey Family Violence Prevention in Aboriginal Communities


The Healing Journey (Family Violence Prevention in Aboriginal Communities)
 is intended to provide Aboriginal women, men, elders and youth with information and resources to help them better reflect on the complex reasons for family violence and the options for dealing with it in their lives. It is also intended to help service providers who might work with victims of family violence, particularly those who are most vulnerable such as women and children. The information in this guide is not intended to replace the advice and services of professionals such as counsellors, lawyers or healthcare providers. We have developed the kit based on current research and information about family violence in Aboriginal communities and have been inspired by the work of Aboriginal organizations and groups across Canada who are dealing with this issue. Any reference to legislation should be considered general in nature and scope. Laws change from time to time.   

This guide is made available to individuals and service providers with the understanding that Gignoo Transition House Inc. and the Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick who were involved in the preparation of the materials, as well as the Working Group, authors, editors and contributors, are not providing legal or professional advice. Service providers and individuals using this kit should seek legal advice on specific legal matters.

We hope the information and resources contained in this Toolkit are useful to you. The list of services and resources set out in the kit should help you to locate and consult with professionals who can provide specific services.