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The Healing Journey Family Violence Prevention in Aboriginal Communities

You can ask for help
Bear Claw
We encourage you to work collaboratively to introduce the Toolkit in your workplace, school or community.  Bring a group of interested people together to talk about the kit and how it might be used to support your efforts to work with victims of family violence, create awareness of family violence, and prevent further violence from occurring. 
Consider a range of initiatives to promote individual and community healing since everyone can play a role in addressing family violence issues and finding solutions. 
We hope this kit inspires you to take action, whether you are an individual experiencing violence, a service provider working with families, or somebody whose interests are at the community level. 
You should try to identify the respected and key elders and individuals in your community who can also promote the use of this kit.  In developing this project, we too sought out “champions” and “mentors” from Aboriginal communities in our province, both on and off reserve.  Such individuals may be willing to promote the Toolkit and work with Aboriginal people to address family violence and its related issues.  Be sure to tell us about these “champions” in your community.
No matter how you use this Toolkit, we hope that it will contribute to a healthier, safer and more respectful community for everyone.
Tell us what you are doing in your community
Please be sure to tell us how you have used the Toolkit.  Share your success stories and challenges. Tell us about your events – workshops, public awareness initiatives and so on.  We will post them on the Healing Journey Website so check in often at