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Safety with a protection order, Safety Plans, Family Violence Prevention in Aboriginal Communities, The Healing Journey Toolkit
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The Healing Journey Family Violence Prevention in Aboriginal Communities

Safety with a protection order
Protection orders are legal restrictions on movement and actions that come in different forms: peace bonds, restraining orders, bail conditions, parole conditions, child custody access orders, etc.  Many abusers do obey protection orders, but one can never be sure which violent partner will obey and which will violate protection orders. It is often necessary to ask the police and the courts to enforce a protection order. The following are some steps that I can take to help support the enforcement of my protection order.

Number 1
It is important to know the specifics and limitations of my protection order. I will find out the conditions and what they mean for my safety.
Number 2
I can call the police station to ensure that the protection order is registered on CPIC (the police computer system).
Number 3
If my (ex)partner violates the protection order, I can call the police and report the violation. Depending on the type of protection order, I can also contact my (ex) partner's parole/probation officer, and/or my lawyer. (It is important to report to the police every violation of the order).
Number 4
If the police do not help, I can call the shift supervisor immediately at the police station and express my concern. I can also contact my (ex)partner's parole officer or my lawyer, as well as filing a complaint with the police.
Number 5
I will keep my protection order document(s) (originals, if possible) in/at __________________________________________ (location). It is beneficial to keep the document(s) on or near me. It may also be helpful to keep a copy in a second safe location also.
Number 6
If my (ex)partner destroys my protection order, I can get another copy from the courthouse, my lawyer, or ___________________________________.
Number 7
If it is safe to do so, I can inform my employer, my friend    _________________________ and ______________________________ that I have a protection order in effect.
Number 8
I can call the Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick for more information about protection orders (506) 453-5369).