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Safety on the job and in public, Safety Plans, Family Violence Prevention in Aboriginal Communities, The Healing Journey Toolkit
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The Healing Journey Family Violence Prevention in Aboriginal Communities

Safety on the job and in public

Each abused woman must decide if and/or when she will tell others that her partner has abused her and that she may be at continued risk. Friends, family and co-workers may be able to help protect women. Each woman should consider carefully which people to recruit to help secure her safety.
I might do any or all of the following, if I feel comfortable and safe doing do:

Number 1 I can tell my boss or supervisor and ________________ at work about my situation.
Number 2 I can ask to screen my telephone calls at work and keep a record of them.
Number 3 I could discuss the possibility of having my employer call the police if I am in danger from my (ex)partner.
Number 4 I can use the following safety suggestions for arriving or leaving work:
• let someone know when I'll be home
• walk with someone to my car
• look around the parking lot
•  if my partner is following me, I can drive to a place where there are supportive people, such as a friend's home or the police station
• If I am walking, I can take a route where there are lots of people
• I can take different routes home
• If I see my partner on the street, I can go to a public place, e.g. store
• I can buy a whistle or a personal alarm to call attention to myself and ask for help if I am being harassed.
Number 5
I can use different grocery stores/shopping malls and shop at different times than I did before to reduce the risk of contact with my (ex)partner.