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Safety and my emotional health
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The Healing Journey Family Violence Prevention in Aboriginal Communities

Safety and my emotional health
Being abused is exhausting and emotionally draining. The process of surviving requires much courage and incredible
energy. To conserve my emotional energy and resources and to support myself in hard emotional times, I can do some
of the following:
Number 1 If I have left the relationship and I am experiencing loneliness or manipulative tactics from my abusive partner, I can take care of myself by ___________________________.
Number 2 When I have to communicate with my partner in person or by telephone, I can emotionally prepare by _____________________________________________.
Number 3 When I face potentially difficult times like court cases, meetings with lawyers and such, I can prepare by _____________________________________.
Number 4 I can call ____________________________, _______________________________, and _________________________________ as other resources to support me.
Number 5 I can find out about and attend workshops and support groups in the community by calling agencies and services such as the Health/Wellness Centre, Mental Health Centre, the Band Office, family services, family resource centres, the Chimo Help Line (1-800-667-5005) , Gignoo Transition House (1-800-565-6878), a transition house in my area (see page 2 of the telephone book for numbers for all transition houses in New Brunswick), or local family violence prevention organizations (for contact information for such organizations, please refer to the Resources and Networks booklet in The Healing Journey toolkit, or check out the website at ).