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The Healing Journey Family Violence Prevention in Aboriginal Communities

Native Woman

We are particularly pleased to extend our appreciation to the many federal and provincial funders who have contributed to the development of this information kit, the website and to a conference to explore the issues around interpersonal violence prevention in Aboriginal communities.

We also wish to thank and acknowledge our funders, who are making significant financial and in-kind contributions to the following:

Bullet BlueJustice Canada (Development of the law information materials, design and printing of resources in kit, design of website and conference development, evaluation)

Bullet BlueCanadian Heritage (Project coordination, conference development and participation of Aboriginal women, evaluation)

Bullet BlueIndian and Northern Affairs Canada (Needs assessment, promotional materials, qualitative evaluation)

Bullet BlueNew Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women (Translation of materials)

Bullet BlueNew Brunswick Department of Justice and Consumer Affairs (Conference)

Bullet BlueNew Brunswick Aboriginal Affairs Secretariat (Resource development and conference)

Bullet BlueNew Brunswick Department of Intergovernmental Affairs (Conference)

Bullet BlueMounted Police Foundation – RCMP (Kit development and conference)

Bullet BlueWomen’s Issues Branch, Executive Council Office, Government of New Brunswick (Conference)

The Working Group...