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Origami Game, Healing Journey
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The Healing Journey Family Violence Prevention in Aboriginal Communities

Origami Game
This origami game, which is a paper-folding activity, is based on a decades old children’s game know as the “fortune teller”.  Using only a sheet of paper, youth will follow the instructions to fold up a piece of paper into an object that is then used to ask and answer questions relating to abuse.
Instructions for Origami Game
1. Place your thumbs and index fingers into the 4 flaps. Have a friend choose one of the numbers on the 4 flaps. Move your thumbs and index fingers back and forth in alternating directions that number of times.
2. Have your friend choose one of the letters that they see. Count out the number of letters in the alphabet until you come to their letter while moving your thumbs and index fingers back and forth in alternating directions.
3. Have your friend choose another letter that they see. Open the large triangle and read the question that corresponds to the number that they chose. 
4. If your friend answers correctly, then it is their turn to try the game with you. If they get it wrong, then you can continue.